We Bring in the Difference

We install, reconfigure or tear down & remove your office furniture


Office Furniture Installation

You have cubes. We can build.

Commercial Installations by Ann

Sensible Solutions

We can install by the hour or by the project, great for furniture dealerships, office moves, or renovation.

Commercial Installations by Ann

Been There, Done That

We have worked installing almost every line of furniture possible.

Commercial Installations by Ann

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients bring the drawings to reality by using our trained furniture installers.

Commercial Installations by Ann

Beyond the Box

We know how and can help with a wide array of services to any clients’ needs.

Meet Our Founder

Ann has been involved with office furniture installations, from driving the forklift to offloading trucks, unboxing and staging products to be installed, building cubes, driving the trucks to deliver conference rooms, and even managing entire dealership installations. Her time and experience are proven through her resumé, and now she is here for you.